Best Fish Oil Supplements For Your Health

Choosing the best fish oil supplement can be hard work, considering the amount of products that are on the market.

Every store sells their own brand of fish oil for a reasonable cost, right next to a nearly identical product that is double the price. What’s the difference between a generic fish oil and a name brand? Couldn’t you just buy the $3 bottle and be done with it?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that all diet supplements are made equally, but the harsh reality is that many supplements, especially fish oil, contain harmful toxins like lead and mercury.

Because supplements aren’t approved or tested by the FDA, there’s a high chance that some of those cheaper brands are using cheap ingredients.

You're obviously trying to better your health, so don't throw away your money on potentially unsafe supplements.

Good sources of natural fish oils include wild Pacific salmon

The Problem with Fish Oil Supplements

Fish and shellfish all have mercury in their bodies, with swordfish and sharks having dangerously high levels.

Without testing and regulation, there's no guarantee that the fish oil supplements you're about to buy aren't made from animals that have lived in polluted water and have high levels of mercury.

To find the safest fish oil supplement, look for brands that have their fish oil supplements third-party tested to ensure mercury and other toxins aren't present.

Also, read the bottle of the fish oil to see the source of their oil. The safest and best fish oil supplements use wild caught fish or deep sea animals like krill, anchovies, or sardines to manufacture their fish oil supplements.

Fish oils, like all oils, can also turn rancid if not correctly stored, so ensure your supplier has fresh stocks before you buy.

Benefits of Fish Oil

Don't let the risk of mercury scare you away from one of the healthiest supplements you can add to your regimen. Research has proven that fish oil has many uses and tremendous positive impacts on our mental functioning, cardiovascular health, and joints.

Some studies have also shown fish oil to have anti-cancer properties and the ability to ease some psychological conditions like ADHD, aggression, and depression.

Several studies have shown that high levels of omega-3 fatty acids (which is what fish oil is mainly composed of) can help prevent breast, colon, and prostate cancer. In addition, these same omega-3 fatty acids can also lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and lower cholesterol levels.

Of course, more studies and research must be done to prove these claims, but so far, the outlook is promising!

Research on preventing and alleviating mental health problems through treatment with fish oil supplements has been encouraging as well. Several studies have documented fish oil as beneficial in the short-term treatment of bipolar disorder and depression.

Fish oil has also been studied in the prevention of Alzheimer's Disease, with evidence showing that omega-3 fatty acids can help repair and protect brain tissue.

Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation during pregnancy and lactation has shown that it can promote fetal brain growth, improve baby's motor development, and prevent pre-term labor.

However, pregnant mothers should refrain from eating swordfish, shark, or mackerel, and stick to using only the best fish oil supplements.

Choosing the Best Fish Oil Supplements

Now that you know all the great benefits of fish oil and how to avoid the risks of unpurified supplements, the next step is to pick out a fish oil supplement that is right for you.

Nutrigold is an excellent fish oil supplement. Enjoy free shipping when you order from Amazon

Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold delivers over 1,000mg of Omega-3 fatty acids in one pill. This fish oil supplement has been purified through Molecular Distillation and third-party tested to ensure the supplement is free of mercury, PCBs, and other toxins.

Nutrigold is rated five stars by the International Fish Oil Standards Program (IFOS), guaranteeing that this product is of the highest purity and the levels of omega-3 fatty acids reported on the label are accurate.

This fish oil supplement is made from wild caught Pollock or Cod and has been a favorite of nutritionists and customers for many years.

Norwegian Gold is the top-rated fish oil supplement on Amazon. Click to order

Norwegian Gold Ultimate Fish Oil Super Critical Omega is another highly regarded fish oil supplement that is packed with 1,200mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

Norwegian Gold is rated five stars by the IFOS. You really can't go wrong with this one!

Garden of Life Minami Nutrition Platinum Omega 3 is possibly one of the best fish oil supplements available. Click to order from Amazon

Garden of Life Minami Nutrition Platinum Omega 3 is possibly one of the best fish oil supplements available. With over 1,200mg of omega-3 fatty acids, this fish oil supplement has the highest purity and concentration of fatty acids than any other supplement on the market.

Minami Nutrition uses CO2 technology to concentrate omega-3s, giving you the most biologically available acids possible without the fillers other fish oil supplements use.

This supplement is thoroughly tested to be free of mercury and other toxins and is made from deep sea fish.

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