Why Health Screening is For Everybody

Is health screening for you?

My name is Harvey Green. For decades, I've performed thousands of hours researching various health issues and investigating many different health solutions - using many of them myself.

Desiring to have optimal health, and realizing that there are millions of others experiencing grave health conditions for years, with no resolution of their symptoms, I developed a yearning to help myself and others to find solutions to our health conditions.

Through my research, I found that health screening, alternative health solutions and preventative healthcare were very important to realizing optimal health. So, I developed a passion for these approaches - devoting most of my research to these areas.

Harvey Green, health screening expert and editor of Health Risks 101

I Have Experienced Health Issues, Too

I experienced serious medical issues, and two serious medical episodes that were monetarily very costly and indeed a threat to my life, health and well-being.

Being diagnosed and faced with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart palpitations and blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) in the lungs and legs.

Having no resolution to the symptoms I was experiencing, other than prescription drugs with possible serious side effects, I went on an intense search for answers to what was causing my symptoms and for what I could find to help eliminate them.

I found a great alternative health product that has helped thousands of others and helped me to get off a high blood pressure prescription drug, a blood thinner prescription drug and not have to begin taking a cholesterol lowering drug.

That product relieved a number of my symptoms, produced results, just as advertised, and gave me hope and a renewed optimism.

Still, I had a number of chronic, unresolved symptoms, for which I had no answers and needed to address. My search continued, in the hope that I would finally find something that would help me in finding a solution to my chronic, unresolved symptoms.

MAP health screening was a godsend.

  • Do you want an accurate evaluation of exactly what is going on in your body?
  • This about Your Health. How to get answers about your number one health problem. The one thing that has been chronic, unresolvable and has nearly completely overtaken your life.
  • How a revolutionary new health technology will help with your health concerns.
  • Do you want a clear explanation of what is really going on in your body, along with clear directions on what to do first, next and afterward -- resulting in clear, measurable progress?

MAP Health Screening is a New Approach

My search and research eventually led me to a solution I had no idea existed. This solution is a revolutionary, new way of thinking about health, health issues and resolution of issues and symptoms. This solution is a health screening process called the Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) evaluation process.

The MAP is an evaluation process that begins with a test done right from your own home. It looks into your biochemistry, revealing imbalances at the cellular level that are at the root cause of any number of chronic, unresolved symptoms.

The MAP revealed the root cause of my chronic, unresolved symptoms, providing a roadmap for the resolution of those symptoms. For me, the results of the MAP have been nothing less than amazing - providing a comprehensive evaluation of the systems of my body.

After receiving my results from the MAP, I started with the recommended protocol. By the second week, I began to get relief from some of my symptoms and began to feel more alive and vibrant.

As the weeks went by, I recognized that more and more of my symptoms were being resolved, one-by-one.

Having received such amazing results from the MAP evaluation process, I realized that if the MAP process turned my symptoms into solutions, it could do the same for others. I had actually found something amazing that could help multitudes of people get resolutions to their chronic, unresolved symptoms.

With a passion to see myself and others in good health and my desire to provide you an opportunity to experience the same results I experienced from the MAP process, my determination led me to begin HealthRisks101.com.

Learn More About the Health Screening Process

This revolutionary new health technology has helped over 32,000 clients in 55 countries. The technology shows you the root cause of your chronic symptoms, where exactly in your body you are imbalanced, pinpoints exactly what you need to focus on, what to do and how to do it to finally resolve your health challenges.

Nine out of every ten clients report that 90 percent of their chronic symptoms went away within 90 days. In my opinion, this groundbreaking technology is the best way to finally take back control of your body, your health and your life.

How This Website Can Help You

HealthRisks101.Com is dedicated to providing health related information, sufficient to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your own health and the health of your loved ones.

Our aim is to aid you in your efforts to take control of your health, and to participate as much as possible in decisions about your health. We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and useful information to help you reach the best state of health possible. We want you to know about and to be able to use this life changing information to transform your health.

Out of a great desire and hunger to see ourselves and others attain the best state of health possible, we have expended considerable resources to ensure we provide the best, most informative, up-to-date and helpful information to aid you in being healthy.

We consider the information we provide to be exciting, cutting-edge and life-changing. We want to introduce you to new, ground breaking technology and alternative approaches to dealing with your chronic, unresolved symptoms - treating the causes rather than the symptoms.

We want you to know that there is a radical alternative to traditional, institutional healthcare, providing you answers doctors simply cannot or have not given you, in dealing with your chronic, frustrating health issues.

Our goal is to introduce you to a new way of looking at your relationship with your health. The traditional way of looking at our health is to focus on the symptoms we are experiencing, and our medical professionals prescribing drugs for relief of those symptoms, often leaving us with no understanding of the cause of the symptoms we are experiencing.

This new way of looking at our health is finding and focusing on why we have the symptoms - what causes the symptoms and working on root causes.

That new way of looking at your health we espouse here requires an open mind, a commitment to seeking out the best solutions, and a determination to use those solutions to obtain the best state of health possible for you.

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